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Corporate Tax Planning and Preparation

Best Roest & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants & Business Advisors, Tax ServicesThere are many different corporate structures that can be used to facilitate tax planning and provide creditor proofing options to our clients. We monitor changes in the client’s situation and discuss potential structures and benefits when appropriate.

Sometimes there are changes in ownership which creates a need for special tax considerations. Frequently, if a client proceeds with a transaction without consulting his/her advisor, there are unexpected consequences.

We recommend having discussions with us regarding potential transactions, even when it seems straight forward. For example, buying a vehicle for the company may have unforeseen tax consequences depending on the value and personal use of the vehicle.

Personal Tax Planning and Preparation

Personal tax planning is challenging because there are so many variables. Situations change each year, and life events such as births, marriages, separation, divorce, and death can affect the tax planning options available. We encourage our clients to advise us of any changes in their situation so that our tax planning can take them into account.

Estate and Trust Tax Planning and Preparation

Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directives are important documents that need to be prepared early in an individual’s lifetime. Tax can be minimized or avoided depending on how a transaction is structured. Professional advice is recommended when preparing Wills.

The most common type of trust is a testamentary trust, which is created upon the death of an individual. There are many options to minimize income taxes and therefore increase the remaining assets for the beneficiaries. Advance planning is very important in order to ensure deadlines are met for special tax transactions. We work closely with the executor to help finalize estate matters, file tax returns and obtain a clearance certificate so the executor can distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.




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